ECONOMY: What should the federal government do to strengthen the national economy, reduce unemployment, and address the widening income gap?
Restore constitutional values! End the Debt Slavery System.

Eliminating the Federal Reserve Bank from the system.
Have the government produce it's own money supply, instead of a private corporation issuing money and charging interest on the loan, which is handed down to the people in the form of taxes. The only reason the dollar has any value is because it is still being used as the reserve currency by other nations for international trade.  Ask yourself what will happen when that ends?

Stop sending jobs overseas. Stop bailing out other countries. Stop letting government get manipulated into squashing the competition of multinational corporations. Let them have to compete with entrepreneurs. Educate the population!

Do not encourage people to be lazy and do not reward them for it.

The DOLLAR being used as Reserve Currency overseas to trade oil between nations is a very important issue to discuss and understand. As soon as other countries stop using the DOLLAR you will see a sharp decline in it's spending power. Watch closely the talks between Russia and China because they are trying to do just that. If you do your research you will come across BRICS made up of BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA & SOUTH AFRICA. One could note that it not the price of gasoline that is increasing but it is the lack of spending power of the DOLLAR in international markets.

An INDUSTRIAL HEMP based economy in the 5th District would be larger then the current auto industry.

Let's focus for now on the #1 Cash Crop in the world, INDUSTRIAL HEMP.

If the farms in the 5th District decide to stop growing GMO's
and to start growing real food, like Industrial Hemp we will be way ahead of the rest of the country. This will in turn lead to high profits for our agricultural producers and that leads to job and economy growth.

Hemp is the world's most versatile fiber. Widespread cultivation of hemp is vital to reclaiming The 5th as a sustainable district run by it’s own people. Hemp can be grown by the people of The 5th Congressional District for the people of The 5th.

Hemp Seeds are one are a perfect source of amino acids thus making them a perfect protein and perfect food. Almost anything produced with crude oil can be equally produced utilizing industrial hemp. This includes fuel and plastics. The woody core of the stalk (known as the hurdsor shives) is the bundle of cellulose-laden short fibers that can be pressed to make biodiesel and other fossil fuel products. Henry Ford made cars out of hemp that actually ran on hemp. The hemp stalks primary and secondary fibers are commonly used in textile production (clothing, upholstery and household goods), plus construction materials, paper and plastics. Industrial Hemp can be used to make almost all textile products that are currently made of cotton and it is six times more durable and becomes just as soft to the touch. The interior fibers contain almost 80% cellulose and are perfect for paper production, making building materials and creating composite materials. Hemp fibers can easily be used to produce paper products and they make the use of lumber obsolete. Making paper out of wood creates a lot of pollution and this is not the case with Hemp.

The 5th district was once the center of automobile production in the world. That industry has gone away but what remains is a system of factories that already sit one of the best supply chain and logistics systems in the world. From the 5th district we can ship hemp based products throughout the country and around the world. My plan also takes into effect the ability to use hemp based technologies right here in the district to do things like paving the roads, building infrastructure and feeding the hungry. I can oppose many conventional technologies because of my knowledge of the fact that they will become obsolete as soon as we convert this country back to an Industrial Hemp based agricultural economy.


The 5th's Unrealized Potential according to our research is: When the local Farmers from The 5th Congressional District left the farm fields for the factories of GM their land was left alone or the farming was only done for a hobby. When the mono cropping boom swept across the Great Plains bringing with it Genetically Modified Seeds, Poisonous Pesticides & Dangerous Fertilizers; it skipped over The 5th Congressional District. We are now sitting on some of the most Organic Fertile Soil in the Nation and nobody realizes it. The 5th Congressional District is not going to reinvent itself with anything else but Nutrition Programs, Agriculture and producing products from the land.

We already have the best logistical infrastructure in the country with the factories already sitting on the railway loading docks. All we have to do is start processing highly nutritious food in those factories and we can ship it around the country with huge economical benefits to the region. More importantly however is using the food to feed our own population of citizens & students right here in The 5th Congressional District.

We have a financial and social responsibility to stop growing genetically modified Corn and Soybean and to start growing real food again. We need to start producing edible food for our own population and also to sell it for profit. Other large industrial countries like China & Russia have banned genetically modified foods being imported into their countries by the U.S.A. This is leading to a huge loss of money for the large GMO companies. However this news is not being reported by the major news networks. The rest of the world has realized that GMO food is a giant experiment being waged against people, they are out.

If the farms in the 5th District decide to stop growing GMO's and to start growing real food, like Industrial Hemp we will be way ahead of the rest of the country. This will in turn lead to high profits for our agricultural producers and that leads to job and economy growth.

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