TOM WHITMIRE of Flushing, Michigan is running for U.S. Representative to the 5th District. Running on a platform of “Responsibility through Accountability,” Whitmire seeks to reform Education, Agriculture and Healthcare in the interest of Michiganians and Americans alike.

Whitmire explains in a historically patriotic fashion that he is running for office simply because “Someone needs to take a stand to restore the Constitution, Freedom and Liberties
of the people. I am that person.”

Are you someone who is willing to see your state and your country get back on the right path? Are you someone looking to put politics aside in order to do what is right for both you and your fellow man? If so, Tom Whitmire is the candidate for you.
Whitmire’s passion for proper education and his desire to live life to the fullest were what prompted him to seek the opportunity to serve as a member of the United States Congress. His convictions are strongly opposed to the ostensible corruption that runs rampant in the current political system. He has vowed to “investigate; not just legislate” in an effort to research and resolve the most daunting and persistent challenges that lie before the residents of Michigan’s 5th District. This means above all:
·      Actively addressing barriers to good education for all children

·      Mitigating healthcare concerns by encouraging proper nutrition through the support of our local farmers while resisting the special interests of Big Business

·      Recognizing the preeminence of the Constitution of the United States of America in all legislative decisions.



Tom Whitmire is a man you can trust. He is a man you would want to have over for dinner to enjoy his personality and conversation.

“In 2014 as your country was collapsing in front of your face, what exactly did you do about it?” This is a question all of us are going to have to answer sometime in the future and I figured I better have a pretty good answer. My answer, “I ran for Congress”. In less then a month’s time I went from disillusioned and off the grid to fully engaged and in the public eye. If I was going to make an impact, if I was going to speak out about the truth, then I was going to do it from the top. There are not to many places where you can have an immediate impact on this country but I found the place. I decided to run for Congress in Michigan’s 5th Congressional District where I was born. A victory puts me in Washington D.C. with the ability to represent the best interests of Human Beings and not CORPORATIONS. If you had to answer that proposed question would you have a good answer?
A true leader does not just amass a following but works hard to enable others to become leaders.

What issues do you consider a top priority?
CONSTITUTION | Creating and voting for bills that benefit the people and not corporations, and special interest.
NUTRITION | Feed our children nutritious foods instead of prepackaged and highly processed foods that create obesity and diabetes.
EDUCATION | Revamp the educational system to find the excellence in kids and to teach to their strengths.
AGRICULTURE | Return to our agricultural roots and start planting real crops like celery, asparagus, apples and blueberries instead of genetically modified crops.

Why are you running for office?
Someone needs to take a stand to restore the Constitution, Freedom and Liberties of the people. I am that person.
"What were you doing while all this was going on to your country? How come you did not make a stand against what you thought was right? Why did you not try to inspire in people the ability to take their lives into their own hands instead of waiting for an invisible hand to save them?"

I am taking a stand to make sure I have an answer to those questions when they come in the future.

I hope part of your answer will be that you got out and voted for me to represent you in Washington D.C.
Running for Congress is the spiritual path that I have been put on. I intend to follow it all the way to Capitol Hill.
I am not running for congress but it is WE that are running for congress together. I am just one human being but at this point in my lifetime I am in a position where I have the resources to represent the people of the 5th district in Washington D.C.

The 5th District is ranked as one of the most unhealthy areas in the country with Genesee County ranked as the 2nd most unhealthy county in the state.
If we are going to start somewhere we need to start by addressing the health of the people of this district.
We start by education people on living a healthy lifestyle and then we provide our people with solutions and options like locally grown agriculture and clean water.
There has become a giant disconnect in this area as to what is real food and real agriculture. After we get back to our historical roots you will see a rise in the 5th District’s health, job production, and a decline in crime.
Currently we are serving huge amounts of highly processed and prepackaged foods to our students in our educational institutions as well as to patients in our medical institutions and in our homes.
The kids in our schools are being fed a breakfast of pop-tarts and cola and then sent to school to learn. At school they are routinely fed nothing but prepackaged and highly processed foods.

POLITICAL PARTY | Why do you identify with your political affiliation? Are there any issues in which you believe differently than your political affiliation’s traditional (or more typical) view?
I am a Human Being running on the Republican Ticket. My mother's birthplace is Jackson Michigan, which happens to also be the birthplace of the Republican Party. My father graduated from Hillsdale College, which republicans will tell you is one of the strongest colleges for promoting the constitution. One could say it is in my blood. I do realize however that representing an entire population takes on more of a meaning then just a party affiliation. When speaking to people often they would want to know my party affiliation. Some would prejudge me when I said republican, but after hearing me speak about the issues they quickly join in on my cause. Why, because I speak about solutions and provide options for people. I do not focus on things that create separation like so many other politicians. If a citizen called me with an issue in their area I would not ask her if she was a republican or democrat. I would listen and act.

TOP ISSUE in Under 200 Words: 
RESTORE CONSTITUTION & CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC - Platform of Nutrition, Health, Agriculture, & Education. Grow cash crops in Michigan and get real food back into our schools, institutions and stores. We do not need federal agencies promoting prepackaged, highly processed foods that cause obesity, diabetes and food allergies. The food supply is making our children sick. Then they are falsely diagnosed with learning disabilities and put on drugs. Soon they loose their passion for life and fall into the system. Healthy people want to learn job skills, employers want to employee healthy people. Protect our water resources and provide people inexpensive clean water for consumption. Ending water fluoridation would save municipalities thousands of dollars to spend on really needed programs like education. The #1 cash crop in the world is Industrial Hemp. This perfect plant can be used for food and it can replace our need for crude oil, GMO cotton and deforestation. When we grow Industrial Hemp we produce jobs and restore the economy of the 5th District. What were you doing while the country collapsed around you? I hope part of your answer is that you supported myself in getting elected to Congress. Thank You!

FEDERAL BUDGET CUTS | What are your top two areas to look to cut the federal budget? What are your top two priorities to preserve or increase funding?
I would cut the spending that the District of Columbia spends playing around in other country's politics. DC does not need to be bailing out other institutions while it's own citizens suffer the same fate as the countries they are occupying. DC needs to redirect money away from spending it on the Military Industrial Complex and redirect that money to infrastructure and institutions within the USA. We can find 491 Billion dollars for the pentagon but we can't seem to find any money to provide school children with clean drinking water, nutritious meals and a proper education.

Specifically I would champion a bill to end water fluoridation. Let's say that this substance was healthy for the teeth (It is Not) why would it need to be dumped in the water supply? Millions of dollars are being spent to put this in the water and to maintain the piping system that gets corroded from Fluoride. Ending Fluoride puts money back into the books of local municipalities to spend on things that matter.

IMMIGRATION | Do you believe current immigration laws should be reformed? Please detail.
Yes, People should come and go from the USA legally. It is not safe having open borders in the southwest where we are seeing an abundance of young people illegally crossing the borders and then becoming a burden on the resources of that area. We need to protect the rights of Human Beings in the process of properly addressing immigration. There needs to be reform and it needs to be constitutional with the state & local municipalities reserving their rights. If one receives first class treatment the next will expect the same. Border patrol is being pulled away from their jobs in order to process children. This can lead to more dangerous people being able to cross the border. It is a health threat for people who have lice, or any other aliment to be transported around the country on commercial airlines or public transportation.
FOREIGN POLICY | What do you consider the nation’s current top foreign policy issue or issues?
The DOLLAR being used as Reserve Currency overseas to trade oil between nations is a very important issue to discuss and understand. As soon as other countries stop using the DOLLAR you will see a sharp decline in it's spending power. Watch closely the talks between Russia and China because they are trying to do just that. If you do your research you will come across BRICS made up of BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA & SOUTH AFRICA. One could note that it not the price of gasoline that is increasing but it is the lack of spending power of the DOLLAR in international markets.
Foreign policy issues are directly related to what the District of Columbia believes is it's role is in the world. I personally do not think it's role is to impose power and force around the world. It has a presence in over 130 different nations. Ask yourself, "Why is that, and how is that possible?" The answers you uncover may shock you. Those resources should be used instead to promote peace and freedom in the USA.

Do you support so-called “Obamacare”? Why or why not? Please indicate reforms you support, if any.
NO I DO NOT SUPPORT OBAMACARE! Because the people of The 5th District have had access to some of the best insurance programs in the world they have slowly allowed themselves to become one of the most unhealthy places in the country. People in this area believe it is easier to go to the doctor and to take a pill for a symptom then it is to live a healthy lifestyle and to prevent the symptom from developing. This is costing this area a lot of money.
Healthcare costs and programs are out of balance because people are not taking their health into there own hands anymore. People of this area are using the hospitals and emergency rooms like a local doctors visit. This is leading to extraordinary costs that are being passed down the line. In the past when you got an infection on the skin, grandma would look at it and tell you to put some Tea Tree oil on it. The next day it would be gone. The whole Healthcare system needs to be addressed and I have the solutions and options!

ECONOMY: What should the federal government do to strengthen the national economy, reduce unemployment, and address the widening income gap?

Restore constitutional values! End the Debt Slavery System. Eliminating the Federal Reserve bank from the system. Have the government produce it's own money supply, instead of a private corporation issuing money and charging interest on the loan, which is handed down to the people in the form of taxes. The only reason the dollar has any value is because it is still being used as the reserve currency by other nations for international trade.  Ask yourself what will happen when that ends? Stop sending jobs overseas. Stop bailing out other countries. Stop letting government get manipulated into squashing the competition of multinational corporations. Let them have to compete with entrepreneurs. Educate the population! Do not encourage people to be lazy and do not reward them for it. Spend money within!
ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT: What steps would you propose to secure America’s energy needs while protecting our water, air and land?
My energy policy is solution driven.  The best renewable energy is INDUSTRIAL HEMP. It is easily grown in Michigan and we can put people to work turning HEMP into efficient FUEL. The diesel engine runs on HEMP OIL. Anything made of plastic can be made of HEMP and that is where a majority of foreign oil is used. An INDUSTRIAL HEMP based economy in the 5th District would be larger then the current auto industry. We must be first to bring this energy resource back  to the USA. I do not support horizontal FRACKING in the 5th district because it is exempt from the clean water & clean air act. We should ask why it is exempt?
MONEY IN ELECTIONS: Do you support the Disclose Act, which would require disclosure by outside groups of large campaign contributions and expenditures? Why or why not?
Yes, I support campaign finance reform. Elections should not be able to be bought. Special interests groups should not control who gets elected. Corporations should not be considered PEOPLE and people should not be considered CORPORATIONS. It can be fair and still wrong. The country was founded on a right for anyone to be able to be elected to represent the people. I have the support of the people in my district and I am willing to vote for their benefit and not the benefit of a corporation/PAC that contributed to my campaign. I will not throw my vote just to make a donor, lobbyist, PAC or special interest group happy, or me money. I represent the people!

It is just as much the role of a congressman to investigate, as it is to legislate. I have done my investigation and what I have found is that we live in a country that is missing the mark. It is an absolute sin what the government is allowing to happen to our lives, liberties, property, freedoms and our real pursuits of happiness. In D.C. I plan to continue my investigations and I will hold congressional hearings where people will finally be held accountable for their actions.

BIPARTISAN | How would your election improve the opportunity for bipartisan compromise between congressional Democrats and Republicans?

I am a Human Being running on the Republican ticket. I believe that the role of Congress is to benefit the people and not a party. I have been told by a lot of traditional democrats that they will be voting for me because my solutions to the country’s problems have nothing to do with party lines. They have seen that for the first time in a long while that have an opportunity to elect a person who is going to provide solutions and options that benefit humanity. I will work with anyone who is willing to work with me to accomplish a goal no matter of a specific affiliation of that person. I would even be willing to hire a declared democrat on my staff to make sure that I had every possible angle of an issue discussed so that I could make the best informed decision for my district and the people of the USA. I have no desire to constantly argue issues across the isle that creates nothing but separation. I am about creating unity in our community. Government should be for the people and by the people, not for the party and by the party.

FIREARMS | What changes in the federal regulation of firearms, if any, do you support?

When there is a shooting incidence in this country people want to talk about gun legislation and regulation However maybe we should look a little closer as to what substances were in those individuals. If we did that we should be really talking about Psychiatric Drug regulations instead of worrying about guns.

At least 34 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs resulting in 167 wounded and 78 killed (in other school shootings, information about their drug use was never made public—neither confirming or refuting if they were under the influence of prescribed drugs). The most important fact about this list, is that these are only cases where the information about their psychiatric drug use was made public. (See full list → )

I will vote to protect second amendment rights.

I do think that you will find in the future that it will not be the guns that government restricts and eliminates but that it will be the ammunition for those guns.

I own a Remington 870 Shotgun, Marlin .22 Rifle & Ruger 22/45 Lite .22 Handgun | I shoot them for recreational use and keep them in my house for personal protection. I grew up in the summer time on a hunting and fishing property called Canada Creek Ranch in Atlanta MI where I learned proper gun techniques.

Watch Psychiatry in the Military: The Hidden Enemy

CAMPAIGN FINANCE | Do you support a constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. the Federal Elections Commission? What changes to the regulation of campaign finance, if any, do you support?

YES, I support campaign finance reform. Elections should not be able to be bought. Special interests groups should not control who gets elected. Corporations should not be considered PEOPLE and people should not be considered CORPORATIONS. It can be fair and still wrong. The country was founded on a right for anyone to be able to be elected to represent the people. I have the support of the people in my district and I am willing to vote for their benefit and not the benefit of a corporation/PAC that contributed to my campaign. I will not throw my vote just to make a donor, lobbyist, PAC or special interest group happy, or me money. I represent the people!

TAXES |  Do you believe the current federal tax system is generally fair? What significant changes in the tax code do you support?

NO IT IS NOT FAIR to have an income tax based on percentage of earned income. The only system that is fair would be a flat on everyone.
PRIVACY | Do you believe that the U.S. government’s intelligence gathering efforts pose a serious threat to the privacy and/or constitutional rights of U.S. citizens? What new restrictions, if any, do you support?
I do not support the Defense Authorization Act. I do not support the use of Drones to kill people who have not been charged with a crime or found guilty. The constitutional rights of people should be in effect at all times. Yes, the spying on citizens is a threat to privacy and it is a violation of constitutional Rights! I was only two days into my campaign when my phone had complications and then stopped working. I would be crazy to think that my phone isn't being recorded or monitored.
WAR | Under what circumstances would you authorize the use of U.S. military force to prevent the violation of a foreign country’s national sovereignty?
If you want peace you should go to peace with a country, not war. The District of Columbia should keep it's military from actively fighting in other countries. I do not believe in the occupation of another country.
Watch the documentaries: 'Why we Fight' • 'War made Easy' • 'No End in Sight' • 'The War on Democracy' • 'The War You Don't See' or any documentary by John Pilger on these issues.
I would cut the spending that the District of Columbia spends playing around in other country's politics. DC does not need to be bailing out other institutions while it's own citizens suffer the same fate as the countries they are occupying. DC needs to redirect money away from spending it on the Military Industrial Complex and redirect that money to infrastructure and institutions within the USA. We can find 491 Billion dollars for the pentagon but we can't seem to find any money to provide school children with clean drinking water, nutritious meals and a proper education.

Note this article as a continued example of out of control military spending.
But trouble has dogged the F-35 since development began 14 years ago. The program was supposed to prove that the Pentagon could build a technologically advanced weapon affordably, without huge delays. But the $400 billion price tag is 42 percent higher than the 2007 estimate. The cost per plane has doubled, and it will not go into full production until 2019, six years late.
The Educational System should be designed to find the excellence in every child and then work to inspire that child to achieve greatness in what it is they excel at and are interested in.  There are great teachers out there that accomplish amazing things but they have to achieve these results on their own accord. Currently we have in place an educational system that is based solely on standardized testing. It only works to reward students who excel at memorization and regurgitation.  The common core approach is not helping to create educated citizens.  We need to educate teachers and then to let them teach in proven systems and not experimental systems. Rudolph Steiner created the Waldorf system of education that you should research for yourself. Close to 10% of the population in the 5th district falls into the category of ‘lacking basic
prose literacy skills.’ The United States routinely ranks around 33rd in education on a national scale.
We need to stop feeding our school children highly processed and prepackaged foods. Kids are being sent to school with chemical pies and soda pop for breakfast and then fed prepackaged fish sticks with chocolate milk for lunch. The kids receive no nutritional nutrients in which their body can utilize for the function of learning. Instead of creating a society that realizes and address the simple fact of nutrition as the root of our problems, we have a system that goes as far as miss labeling these students with leaning disabilities, behavioral problems or diagnosing them with psychological disorders. This then puts them on a path towards being medicated with dangerous drugs that often lead to the child victim losing their passions in life. On the drugs they longer seem to want to pursue math, music, or family fun time. We need to look at the solutions for today’s problems. Most often these solutions like in this instance relate back the high amounts of sugar, chemicals and substances that people are allergenic to that are allowed to be in our food supply by the federal government.
GREENHOUSE GAS | Should the federal government take steps to limit and/or penalize the emission of greenhouse gases? What specific measures, if any, do you support?
The federal government should work to protect the health of the people if a direct threat is present or can be foreseen in the future. However the war on the greenhouse gases needs to be closely examined from a different perspective then what is commonly discussed.
Methane is the second most common greenhouse gas. Globally, the Agriculture sector is the primary source of methane emissions. If you want to regulate greenhouse gas and protect the environment then start by looking at beef and livestock production and the destruction of natural lands in order to raise livestock. ( I support an increase in awareness of plant based proteins for nutrition. Industrial Hemp is a perfect protein and it contains a perfect ration of essential fatty acids. To protect the environment and eliminate greenhouse gasses I plan on promoting the growing of Industrial Hemp.
You have heard of the war on TERROR but there is also a war being waged on TERRA or the Earth. The war on terror is perpetuated to usher in laws that restrict the freedoms of citizens of the USA. We should be really carful that freedoms are not taken away by falsely perpetuating a war on Terra. Ask yourself, “What is Agenda 21”?
Limit and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by allowing new engine technology the opportunity
to prove itself and lets go back to the old technology of diesel engines running on plant based fuels like Industrial Hemp. The combustion of fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel to transport people and goods is the second largest source of CO2 emissions, accounting for about 32% of total U.S. CO2 emissions and 27% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2012. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that the gasoline engines that we are currently using in the USA are the most efficient engines we could be using. It seems that the only technology in this country that is allowed to progress has to involve screens. The only real technological advances in American Cars are that they all now have TV screens, push button navigation screens, and other outlets for you to plug in your other screen based devices. Ask yourself, “Where is the engine technology”? The diesel engine was designed by Rudolph Diesel to run on plant-based fuels like Industrial Hemp Oil and Peanut Oil. Industrial Hemp Oil is a lot more efficient then corn based fuels but those have what has been chosen as an experimental plant based fuel. It is designed to fail. Ask yourself, “Is it possible that the Oil Industry is in bed with the Automobile Industry in the USA.” - If you seek answers I suggest you watch the documentaries ‘GASHOLE’ & ‘FUEL’. You can find a link to both on my website.
The combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity is the largest single source of CO2 emissions in the nation, accounting for about 38% of total U.S. CO2 emissions and 31% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2012.

FRACKING | Perhaps the biggest challenge to a health study on fracking is that many of the chemicals used for drilling are protected by law as “trade secrets” and their health effects are unknown
Drilling and fracking fluids are “99.5% water and sand” according to the industry, but as we know, less than 1% can really mess up the other 99% if it’s nasty enough
Due to the huge amount of water required for fracking, that .5% could equal 15,000 gallons of pure toxic chemicals at a single well.  That’s enough to fill a pool with pure chemicals that is 5x5x3 yards in size.


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