TRUST in TOM WHITMIRE for CONGRESS | Press Release 2014.07-24

( TOM WHITMIRE of Flushing MI is running for U.S. Representative to the 5th District. Whitmire is running on a platform of nutrition, health, agriculture, and education. He feels that in order to contribute to society, a person must first be healthy and educated. He plans on bringing real nutrition, through local agriculture to the schools and institutions in his district.

Whitmire believes that congress should be following the constitution and voting for bills that benefit the people
and not corporations, and special interest.

Whitmire knows that it is just as much a role of a congressman to investigate as it is to legislate and he intends to hold investigations in order to hold people responsible for their actions.
Whitmire says that we need to feed our children nutritious foods instead of prepackaged and highly processed foods that create obesity and diabetes.
Whitmire will work to revamp the educational system so it will work to find the excellence in kids and to teach to their strengths.
Whitmire proposes we return to our agricultural roots and start planting real crops like celery, asparagus, apples, industrial hemp and blueberries instead of genetically modified crops.
Whitmire believes that he is the person for the job because he will take a stand to restore the constitution, freedom and liberties of the people.
Whitmire believes we need to take care of our own country first. He believes we should start by rerouting funding away from the military industrial complex and back towards our nations schools and infrastructure.
Whitmire is also working on protecting our water resources, GMO and food labeling laws, stopping illegal immigration, promoting new energy sources and fuels, creating selfcare programs, ending prescription drug abuse, ending human trafficking, removing fluoride from the water, promoting going to peace instead of war with other nations, auditing the federal reserve bank, education on natural birth and natural child care, providing real programs for vets, and protecting the food supply and agricultural infrastructure of the USA.
Whitmire is working hard to get real food back into our schools, institutions and stores. He wants to see an end to federal agencies promoting prepackaged, highly processed foods that cause obesity, diabetes and food allergies. He believes the food supply is making our children sick. Then points out that the children are falsely diagnosed with learning disabilities and are put on drugs. Soon they loose their passion for life and fall into the system. Healthy people want to learn job skills, and employers want to employee healthy people.
Whitmire believes that running for Congress is the spiritual path that he has been put on and he intends to follow it all the way to Capitol Hill.
Whitmire was born in Flint, Michigan at McLaren Hospital and was raised and educated in Flushing, Michigan. He is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelors of Science Degree. Tom is a Certified Health Educator and is the founder of the LIVET LIFESTYLE and the website.
Whitmire promotes living a healthy lifestyle by educating people about nutrition, supplements, detoxing, fitness, therapies and healthy products. Formally he was the Program Manager for the General Motors Pontiac Divisions Event Marketing Program at NCAA, Grand American Racing, NHRA and Automotive Events across the country. For both work and education Whitmire has traveled throughout this country talking to people and learning about different ideas than just the ones he was raised with.

Tom’s mother Lynne’s birthplace is Jackson MI, which also happens to be the birthplace of the Republican Party. She retired from the New Lothrup School system having last taught first grade. Tom’s Father Gary is a graduate of Hillsdale College and was a teacher & Principal in the Flushing Community School System his entire life.
Whitmire believes that we need to stop labeling people as republicans and democrats but realize that we are all Americans and that congress should vote as human beings representing the people of our districts and country.
When elected, Whitmire will be representing in Washington D.C. the counties of Genesee, Bay, Arenac, Iosco, and the parts of Saginaw and Tuscola that makes up the 5th Congressional District.
Tom Whitmire will be on your ballot for the August 5th Primary as the republican candidate for the position of Representative to the 5th District. Finally you have the option to vote for a man you can trust.
Please visit
http://TomWhitmire.comfor more information.
(810) 545-7241
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