MLIVE INTERVIEW of TOM WHITMIRE for CONGRESS | Republican Candidate 5th District Genesee County, Tuscola County, Saginaw County, Bay County, Arenac County, Iosco County

Why are you running for office?
Someone needs to take a stand to restore the Constitution, Freedom and Liberties of the people. I am that person.
"What were you doing while all this was going on to your country? How come you did not make a stand against what you thought was right? Why did you not try to inspire in people the ability to take their lives into their own hands instead of waiting for an invisible hand to save them?"

I am taking a stand to make sure I have an answer to those questions when they come in the future.

I hope part of your answer will be that you got out and voted for me to represent you in Washington D.C.
Running for Congress is the spiritual path that I have been put on. I intend to follow it all the way to Capitol Hill.
I am not running for congress but it is WE that are running for congress together. I am just one human being but at this point in my lifetime I am in a position where I have the resources to represent the people of the 5th district in Washington D.C.
Why do you identify with your political affiliation? Are there any issues in which you believe differently than your political affiliation’s traditional (or more typical) view?
I am a Human Being running on the Republican Ticket. My mother's birthplace is Jackson Michigan, which happens to also be the birthplace of the Republican Party. My father graduated from Hillsdale College, which republicans will tell you is one of the strongest colleges for promoting the constitution. One could say it is in my blood. I do realize however that representing an entire population takes on more of a meaning then just a party affiliation. When speaking to people often they would want to know my party affiliation. Some would prejudge me when I said republican, but after hearing me speak about the issues they quickly join in on my cause. Why, because I speak about solutions and provide options for people. I do not focus on things that create separation like so many other politicians. If a citizen called me with an issue in their area I would not ask her if she was a republican or democrat. I would listen and act.
What are your top two areas to look to cut the federal budget? What are your top two priorities to preserve or increase funding?
I would cut the spending that the District of Columbia spends playing around in other country's politics. DC does not need to be bailing out other institutions while it's own citizens suffer the same fate as the countries they are occupying. DC needs to redirect money away from spending it on the Military Industrial Complex and redirect that money to infrastructure and institutions within the USA. We can find 491 Billion dollars for the pentagon but we can't seem to find any money to provide school children with clean drinking water, nutritious meals and a proper education.

Specifically I would champion a bill to end water fluoridation. Let's say that this substance was healthy for the teeth (It is Not) why would it need to be dumped in the water supply? Millions of dollars are being spent to put this in the water and to maintain the piping system that gets corroded from Fluoride. Ending Fluoride puts money back into the books of local municipalities to spend on things that matter.
Do you support so-called “Obamacare”? Why or why not? Please indicate reforms you support, if any.
NO I DO NOT SUPPORT OBAMACARE! Because the people of The 5th District have had access to some of the best insurance programs in the world they have slowly allowed themselves to become one of the most unhealthy places in the country. People in this area believe it is easier to go to the doctor and to take a pill for a symptom then it is to live a healthy lifestyle and to prevent the symptom from developing. This is costing this area a lot of money.
Healthcare costs and programs are out of balance because people are not taking their health into there own hands anymore. People of this area are using the hospitals and emergency rooms like a local doctors visit. This is leading to extraordinary costs that are being passed down the line. In the past when you got an infection on the skin, grandma would look at it and tell you to put some Tea Tree oil on it. The next day it would be gone. The whole Healthcare system needs to be addressed and I have the solutions and options!
Do you believe current immigration laws should be reformed? Please detail.
Yes, People should come and go from the USA legally. It is not safe having open borders in the southwest where we are seeing an abundance of young people illegally crossing the borders and then becoming a burden on the resources of that area. We need to protect the rights of Human Beings in the process of properly addressing immigration. There needs to be reform and it needs to be constitutional with the state & local municipalities reserving their rights. If one receives first class treatment the next will expect the same. Border patrol is being pulled away from their jobs in order to process children. This can lead to more dangerous people being able to cross the border. It is a health threat for people who have lice, or any other aliment to be transported around the country on commercial airlines or public transportation.
What do you consider the nation’s current top foreign policy issue or issues?
The DOLLAR being used as Reserve Currency overseas to trade oil between nations is a very important issue to discuss and understand. As soon as other countries stop using the DOLLAR you will see a sharp decline in it's spending power. Watch closely the talks between Russia and China because they are trying to do just that. If you do your research you will come across BRICS made up of BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA & SOUTH AFRICA. One could note that it not the price of gasoline that is increasing but it is the lack of spending power of the DOLLAR in international markets.
Foreign policy issues are directly related to what the District of Columbia believes is it's role is in the world. I personally do not think it's role is to impose power and force around the world. It has a presence in over 130 different nations. Ask yourself, "Why is that, and how is that possible?" The answers you uncover may shock you. Those resources should be used instead to promote peace and freedom in the USA.
What issues do you consider a top priority?
CONSTITUTION |Creating and voting for bills that benefit the people and not corporations, and special interest.
NUTRITION | Feed our children nutritious foods instead of prepackaged and highly processed foods that create obesity and diabetes.
EDUCATION | Revamp the educational system to find the excellence in kids and to teach to their strengths.
AGRICULTURE | Return to our agricultural roots and start planting real crops like celery, asparagus, apples and blueberries instead of genetically modified crops.
Plant Industrial hemp in MI's 5th District - This is the #1 cash crop in the world and it will be the industry that we can rebuild our communities around. - Industrial Hemp contains not THC, and it is a perfect food containing all the essential amino acids. Almost anything made out of crude oil, like Fuel & Plastic can be made out of Hemp Oil. It is perfect for creating textiles. It is perfect for creating paper products. Industrial Hemp is the one thing that can replace the automobile industry in this area.



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