PRIORITIES: What are your top three national legislative priorities? Why did you select them?
"In Times of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act" - Orwell

Restore Constitution, Freedom and Rights to Life, Liberty, Property & Pursuit of Happiness.

#1 HEALTH & NUTRITION | Address the Health of the people because without your health nothing else really seems to matter. Let’s get real food & plant based nutrition in the hands of our children.

#2 EDUCATION | Educate people on living a healthy lifestyle & becoming a productive citizen and encourage a system that finds the excellence in every child.

#3 AGRICULTURE | There are crops that we can grow that will bring huge amounts of money to the 5th. Ask me about what this crop is. Let’s go back to growing real food and get these plants back into our local schools & institutions. We renewed constitutional values the jobs will follow and the economy will come back.
ECONOMY: What should the federal government do to strengthen the national economy, reduce unemployment, and address the widening income gap?

Restore constitutional values! End the Debt Slavery System. Eliminating the Federal Reserve bank from the system. Have the government produce it's own money supply, instead of a private corporation issuing money and charging interest on the loan, which is handed down to the people in the form of taxes. The only reason the dollar has any value is because it is still being used as the reserve currency by other nations for international trade.  Ask yourself what will happen when that ends? Stop sending jobs overseas. Stop bailing out other countries. Stop letting government get manipulated into squashing the competition of multinational corporations. Let them have to compete with entrepreneurs. Educate the population! Do not encourage people to be lazy and do not reward them for it. Spend money within!
ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT: What steps would you propose to secure America’s energy needs while protecting our water, air and land?
My energy policy is solution driven.  The best renewable energy is INDUSTRIAL HEMP. It is easily grown in Michigan and we can put people to work turning HEMP into efficient FUEL. The diesel engine runs on HEMP OIL. Anything made of plastic can be made of HEMP and that is where a majority of foreign oil is used. An INDUSTRIAL HEMP based economy in the 5th District would be larger then the current auto industry. We must be first to bring this energy resource back  to the USA. I do not support horizontal FRACKING in the 5th district because it is exempt from the clean water & clean air act. We should ask why it is exempt?
MONEY IN ELECTIONS: Do you support the Disclose Act, which would require disclosure by outside groups of large campaign contributions and expenditures? Why or why not?
Yes, I support campaign finance reform. Elections should not be able to be bought. Special interests groups should not control who gets elected. Corporations should not be considered PEOPLE and people should not be considered CORPORATIONS. It can be fair and still wrong. The country was founded on a right for anyone to be able to be elected to represent the people. I have the support of the people in my district and I am willing to vote for their benefit and not the benefit of a corporation/PAC that contributed to my campaign. I will not throw my vote just to make a donor, lobbyist, PAC or special interest group happy, or me money. I represent the people!
IMMIGRATION: What specific changes, if any, would you propose to current immigration policy? Please explain.
Illegal Immigrants should not be encouraged to enter the country illegally by a current administration that allows them this opportunity. I am for legal immigration. I am not for bringing illegal people to Michigan and then providing them services that we cannot seem to provide our own citizens. There needs to be reform and it needs to be constitutional with the state & local municipalities reserving their rights. If one receives first class treatment the next will expect the same. I am a humanitarian with compassion for other people and I would help anyone in need. I will bring solutions to this problem instead of ignoring it like others we know.
HEALTH CARE: What changes, if any, should be made to federal health care policies or programs?
We need awareness and education on utilizing a system of SELFCARE & NOT a reliance on just HEALTHCARE. The 5th district is continually ranked as one of the most unhealthy areas in the country. We need to first address this issue. There is not a single federal agency that functions in the best interest of the health of the citizens of the United States of America. These agencies that we think are protecting us from are actually just pawns of the corporations. I will propose education on what is nutrition and how eating locally grown healthy plants can restore your health. Healthcare costs and programs are out of balance because people are not taking their health into there own hands anymore. People of this area are using the hospitals and emergency rooms like a local doctors visit for the simplest things. This is leading to extraordinary costs that are being passed down the line. In the past when you got an infection on the skin, grandma would look at it and tell you to put some Tea Tree oil on it. The next day it would be gone. Today we just rush to the doctors. They don't know so we rush to the emergency. They do not know so they give you an antibiotic. By the time you go through the process the little skin infection has lead to a myriad of problems. People's HEALTH should not be a commodity. The country’s GDP should not rely on a system that creates a sick population and them ushering those people into a system that never allows them to get better but never really allows them to get worse. We need to utilize a system that recognizes that you can heal from your diagnosis and it should promote that information. Say No To Sugar!  YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF!

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