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PRIORITIES: What are your top three national legislative priorities? Why did you select them?
"In Times of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act" - Orwell

Restore Constitution, Freedom and Rights to Life, Liberty, Property & Pursuit of Happiness. Updated This on
“In 2014 as your country was collapsing in front of your face, what exactly did you do about it?” This is a question all of us are going to have to answer sometime in the future and I figured I better have a pretty good answer. My answer, “I ran for Congress”. In less then a month’s time I went from disillusioned and off the grid to fully engaged and in the public eye. If I was going to make an impact, if I was going to speak out about the truth, then I was going to do it from the top. There are not to many places where you can have an immediate impact on this country Updated This on
Why are you running for office?
Someone needs to take a stand to restore the Constitution, Freedom and Liberties of the people. I am that person.
"What were you doing while all this was going on to your country? How come you did not make a stand against what you thought was right? Why did you not try to inspire in people the ability to take their lives into their own hands instead of waiting for an invisible hand to save them?" Updated This on