( Our intent is to inform you that by utilizing existing technologies in Nutrition, Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, and Construction of Infrastructure we can bring solutions to the people of The 5th Congressional District.

Consuming the most efficient foods like Plants that are grown locally and are alive is the optimal way to feed a population. Healthy people want to be educated and with an education they will want to contribute back to their community. Businesses want to employ a workforce that is healthy and one that can contribute to the success of the organization.

We believe in the powerful healing ability of plants and drinking water like nature intended. By eating living foods and healthy local foods, people can begin to eradicate simple everyday symptoms, like headaches and achy joints. Why, because these are symptoms of deficiencies of nutrition and water. Not deficiencies of aspirin and coffee.
We support businesses and organizations that promote creating school programs to teach agriculture and the various skills needed for children to embody this information. It is the teacher and school’s role to find the excellence in every child.  We believe this role is exponentially facilitated when the child is drinking clean water and eating healthy food that he or she has helped to grow.
We support businesses and organizations that promote the construction of or a reutilization of greenhouse like structures to produce food in controlled environments. The growhouses use all the technology that exists on this planet, but is currently not being utilized in scope of influence because of corporate greed. We can take seed and produce delicious food from it in four days time that can be served in the schools, the shelters, local institutions or at local restaurants.
The 5th Congressional District has high rates of obesity, diabetes and malnutrition. We support businesses and organizations that focus on educating the whole public, but specifically the children on eating healthy, nutritious foods. We have no need to import foods that contain high amounts of processed ingredients like synthetic sugars, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and things that contribute to populations being overweight.  We have also eliminated people needing to focus their consumption on high fat intake foods like Meat, Milk, and Dairy. With our program, you can grow all of your own food within the community and this creates jobs, maintains wealth, and provides food security. It is a sustainable, organic agricultural system with 100% access to healthy food and clean water all year round.
We support businesses and organizations that work to eliminate the need to feed grain and grasses to animals, slaughter them, and transport the meat, eggs & dairy products inefficiently to people who cannot process this food for nutrition. Instead, we grow our own food locally and feed the sprouted grasses, grains, legumes, and seeds directly to the people of the community. It only takes a maximum of 14 days to grow Wheatgrass, Sunflower Sprouts and other sprouted seeds in a controlled environment. These baby plants are 30 times more nutritious then adult vegetables. It is not optimal feeding humans, Milk, Meat, Gluten, Sugar and processed foods. 

The meat and dairy industry is one of the largest contributors to pollution that there is. Large scale industrial farms dump tons of pesticides and fertilizers into lakes and streams and this creates pollution downstream. In this area we need to start growing local foods that are suppose to be grown in our environment.

Please research for yourself the health benefits of Sprouts, Hemp, Moringa and Chia on a population like the one we have here in The 5th Congressional District.

At the MTA Bus Stop in Flint we learned about lack of sizable grocery stores in our downtown urban areas. This leads people to search out foods at convince stores and fast foods restaurants. The solution is to encourage a business to move into the community to provide viable options and then to inspire the people to make healthy lifestyle decisions to support the business.

We were excited to find people like yourself, who are willing to bring in a positive change for the people of The 5th Congressional District.

Let's start utilizing our resources here and let's stop relying on this invisible hand from above that is suppose to swoop in and save everything.
Please continue to show your continued support in initiating the movement to inspire others to help themselves.

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